I’ve heard that triple pane windows aren’t necessary for our Virginia climate.  Do you agree?

There is no doubt that triple pane windows are better than double pane windows when it comes to energy efficiency, condensation resistance, and noise reduction. They are also better at keeping your home consistently more comfortable. But with these added benefits come added costs, and many people wonder if the additional cost of triple pane windows is worth it.

Contrary to what you may hear or read on the internet, you don’t have to live in Alaska for triple pane windows to make sense. Many people who say that triple pane windows aren’t necessary for Virginia don’t understand their insulating power or think they are way more expensive than double pane windows. The truth is that triple pane windows are 30 – 40% more efficient than double pane windows. Their high energy efficiency means that they keep more heat in on cold winter days, and they keep more heat out during our Charlottesville summer heatwaves. That translates into real savings on your heating and cooling costs.

From a purely financial perspective, a triple pane window may or may not be right for you. It really depends on your individual situation.  It will take a little more time to recoup your initial investment in energy savings. How much time depends on a number of factors, including most importantly the cost of the windows. At Window Depot, because of our national buying power, we are able to offer our ENERGY STAR Most Efficient triple pane window at a price that is less than what many window companies charge for a less efficient double pane window.  If you can get more efficient triple pane windows for less than what many companies routinely charge for double pane windows, doesn’t it at least merit some consideration?

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